Our vision is meeting needs and expectations of our members at the highest level by undertaking proactive role. Our chamber try to be in a harmony with trade and economic culture of history and geography of the city by giving these services for members. Because we know that “the existence of our chamber depends on the existence of members”. Our motto is “always learn, develop, change, and serve members at the highest level”. To achieve this vision, our chamber always provide new and updated information to members and enrich the experience of members.


Our mission is providing unbiased, fast and accurate service for member beyond the expectations.

- Reach the high commercial morality in the relationship between members and society.

- Training employees and members using modern technology systems and benefiting professional experts to achieve the goals of continuous learning, development and change.

- Advising our members for the creation of sustainable competitiveness and increasing the sources of competitive advantage.

- Produce and apply projects for development of our region and city of Gumushane by doing active role for the development and modernization of the business environment in our province.