Gümüşhane is a city and the capital district of Gümüşhane Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. The city lies along the Harşit River is about 40 miles (65 km) southwest of Trabzon. According to the 2015 census, population of Gümüşhane is 146,153. Please click the link and watch the promotion film to obtain more information about Gümüşhane (http://www.gezdikcegordukce.com/eng/province/gumushane/promotional-film).

Geography of Gümüşhane

Gümüşhane is surrounded by high mountains, Zigana-Trabzon Mountains to the north, Çimen Mountains to the south, Giresun Mountains to the west and Pulur, Soğanlı Mountains to the east.

Climate of Gümüşhane

Gümüşhane has a low humid continental climate with cold and snowy winters and warm summers. In the height of summer; July and August, temperatures at midday usually surpass 28 °C, summer nights tend to become very cool due to the high elevation of Gümüşhane, and in winter temperatures usually plummet to -10 °C.