Karaca Cave: Karaca Cave is a single cave open the tourism which one of the most important tourism destinations in Gümüşhane. It is located county name of Torul where 17. km nortwest in city center of Gümüşhane. Karaca Cave is away 15 minutes from city center of Gumushane by vehicle. Karaca Cave is decorated with excellent statactics, dickites, columns, cave flowers, cave roses, travertine branchs, travertine pools and other geological formation. Cave opens the visitors between 15 April and 15 November.

Santa Ruins: It lies on two valleys in Dumanlı Village of Yağmurdere subdistrict, 80 kilometers from Gümüşhane city center. It is believed that Santa settlement was set up by Greek people in the seventeenth century. The settlement consists of 7 quarters and more that 300 buildings. Quarters in the settlement are Binatlı, Terzili, Zurnacılı, Piştovlu, İşhanlı, Cinganlı and Çakallı. There are two churches in Zurnacili and one in each of the remaining quarters.

Örümcek (Spider) Forest: The Orumcek Forest is fifty-five km. to Gumushane City Center. It is located in Kürtün county in Gümüşhane, have the tallest and the most dimension for trees and spruce trees in Turkey, Caucasus and Europe. The Region have been declared as “Nature Conservation Area” by General Directorate of Nature Conservation and Natural Parks in 1998.

Satala Ancient City: It is approximately 80 km from the city center Gümüşhane. From central of Gümüşhane city can be transport with road to the ancient Satala. The city defined as 3 degree conservation area By Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey. The city have historical background and this region put up different imperial and country such as Hittite, Assyrian, Macedonian, Roman, and Byzantine in prehistorically. It is known that Satala was the most primary important military settlement of the Roman Empire in the east. But after these Imperial be demolished what they have become stay under the ground.

Limni Lake: It is 40 kilometers away from Gümüşhane city center. The lake and its surrounding regions form an excursion spot because of their natural beauties, rich flora and fauna, and clear air. There are car park, grocer, restroom, greenhouse, places for picnic fire, and water reservoir around the lake.

Other tourism destinations: Artabel Lakes Natural Park, Krom Valley and Imera Village, Gümüşhane Uplands, Tomara Waterfall